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Why Is It so Integral to Our Success?


Our sponsors are an integral part of our success and without them we wouldn't be here today doing the sport we love! It takes a wide range of sponsors to get this team running, from the all important cash sponsors that help pay for our competitive season and equipment to the sponsors that offer value-in-kind such as helmets, vehicle maintenance and competition clothing. 

We are grateful for all the support we receive from every sponsor or individual and we aim to keep working with you all to share our journey, inspire through our stories and celebrate our successes together along the way. So from all of Team Bobsleigh Brad we'd like to thank you all for allowing us to continue on our pursuit of Olympic glory and we hope we make you all proud. 

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Altus is trusted by some of the most well-known brands in retail financial services. They have helped over 150 companies to improve their performance via better processes and technology – whether that be one of their own specialised systems or a third-party solution.

“Last year Altus was approached, out of the blue, by Brad and Greg to sponsor their bobsleigh team through the winter season. After a couple of video calls to hear about the team, we decided to support them and have not been disappointed. Thanks to their wonderful NHS initiative, the boys have featured on TV several times and they never miss an opportunity to thank their sponsors or to display our logo. They have appeared at our company conference, spoken on client webinars and provided us with a steady stream of social media content to cement the relationship. We have really enjoyed following their progress over the season and they are genuinely lovely people who deserve all the help and support they can get.”

Kevin Okell (Managing Director, Altus Ltd)


Medigold Health creates occupational health and wellbeing solutions for employers across the UK. They offer all manner of things that a caring employer might need to keep their people in work safe and well, including absence management, employee screening, help with alcohol and drug issues, a vast array of employee wellbeing and a range of other specialist services.

“It has been an honour to sponsor Brad Hall and his UK Bobsled team for the past couple of years. When we saw the commitment that Brad and the team put in to achieve their dreams, despite the lack of support available from UK Sport, it was inspiring and just the sort of journey we wanted to be part of. Blood, sweat and tears (literally) are what it takes for them to succeed and we are 100% behind them for the next few years as they continue in their quest to consistently outperform all reasonable expectations near the summit of world bobsledding.”

Alex Goldsmith (CEO, Medigold Health)



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