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Since the withdrawal of UK Sport funding in 2019 we have had to self-fund and organise our own bobsleigh programme. For myself this has meant putting aside many hours to hunt sponsors and plan our bobsleigh season on top of all the training we do to be the best athletes in the world. I have registered our team as a not-for-profit organisation under the company name 'Team Bobsleigh Brad Ltd' so sponsors can recognise us as a credible and reliable business. 

Since then we've managed to win back UK Sport funding after our performances at the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing 2022. This has eased the burden on us athletes but we are still striving to find additional funding to improve and take the next step up to medal at the next Winter Olympic Games in Milan/Cortina 2026.

Running a bobsleigh team is a hugely costly endeavour which requires us to travel the world with our equipment for almost half of the year. We need as much help as we can get to give us the best chance of success at the next Olympics from cash sponsors to freighting and vehicle/ fuel sponsors. Anything that can reduce our costs or help us reach our target budget the more time we can focus on getting into our best physical shape and compete for as many medals as possible.



We are looking for companies or individuals that share our values of hard work, determination and succeeding against the odds. We want to work alongside you towards our goal of Olympic glory as no success can truly be enjoyed without sharing it with those that helped you get there. 

We have many sponsorship packages we can offer which can be tailormade to your wants and needs to ensure you get out of us exactly what you are looking for. We are also open to any ideas that you may have as it's very important to us that our relationship is mutually beneficial. 

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We can offer prime real-estate on our sleds, race suits, helmets, training kit and vehicles. We are regularly featured in the global media where our current partners had their logos front and centre on the coverage we received. You'll see your brand in action across the world in 63 countries with a total audience of 338 million over the 2019/2020 season. 

Taxi Bob Rides


Perhaps one of the most exciting and unique things a sponsor can ever be offered, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a full speed ride in our bobsleigh down an ice track in Europe. Feel speeds of up to 80mph and gravitational forces that you won't experience anywhere else. For yourself, your employees or clients, anyone can join us!

World Cup Hospitality 


Come and watch us compete at the top level of competition and experience what it's like for us to prepare and compete on race day! Meet the athletes and enjoy watching the worlds best compete against each other racing at speeds of up to 98mph on sheet ice! 

Motivational/ Business Talks and Event Attendance 

Having experienced delivery under pressure on an enormous scale, we offer a unique opportunity for motivational and other business talks including: the importance of self-doubt, overcoming fear and how to persevere to succeed against the odds. We can also attend any events that you will host bringing our sleds with your logo advertised on it front and centre as a centre piece where attendees can jump inside, take photos and meet the athletes.

Push Track Days

Corporate push track days where you and your employees are coached by our Olympic athletes to push a sled at our push track facility at The University of Bath. Alternatively be put through your paces with one of our speed or power gym sessions or just visit us to witness how we train.

Social Media


As we progress on our journey we always keep our followers updated on social media with over 15,000 followers. We can use our platforms to promote your business and show how you've helped become successful or promote any other initiatives you launch. 

Marketing Projects

Our athletes have a mixture of backgrounds in tech start-ups, engineering plus much more. We have more creative marking nous than you might realise and would relish planning out-of-the-box initiatives to help enrich us all. 



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Sled and Helmet Advertisement

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Jackets and Media
Clothing Advertisement

Race and Training Suit Advertisement


*sled, race suit and kit designs not confirmed

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Alternatively if you'd like to make a donation you can click the button below which will take you to our fundraising page.

From all the team, thank you for taking the time to read our sponsorship proposal and we look forward to representing our nation with pride and we'd love to represent you too. Please don't hesitate to contact us, we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have or to discuss how we can design a sponsorship package that will suit your needs! 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Team Hall

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